Went for the twelve month follow up for the sibling study for research today. Checked Gabe's ear and nothing at all to report. Didn't recommend referring him or that his hearing is okay. The test itself makes a ticking sound that can make testing difficult at this age. But Gabe didn't react. However in the right ear he was constantly looking at that side and bothered or distracted by it.

Nearly two weeks ago, Gabe had an ear infection in his right ear. However doctor cleared him of any ear infection last week. Could the ear infection be back and that is why he was more troubled with that ear? Or is the lack of response in the left ear related to decreased hearing?

The good news is that we are having an official hearing test in May. So no more guessing games. We will know for sure!

Now the other concern is over Gabe's speech. Should parents take some of the responsibility for the lack of speech? Is that putting too much responsibility on the parents? It's not like we don't talk to Gabriel. Wow! So many more things to learn. Again, I applaud speech pathologists.

I have been trying to teach Gabe his name but he still didn't look for that. I think that he looked one time out of the six. So it's not just about the work parent's do with their children. I could chalk it up as Gabriel feeling under the weather but my gut says their is more to it than just that. So the saga of life continues....