Pick a role. Any role.

How do you stop the negative self-talk? I love my children and would do everything for them but I always feel like I could be doing more. Is that normal?

My mom sacrificed a lot for us. Is that just the role of being a mother? Is it possible to have a balance and not sacrifice everything? How do you manage your own needs with your children's?

These days I am in the constant struggle of making life and work manageable. I love being a nurse but working on the phones is not the same as being at the bedside. I really miss the patient contact. If I stay in this job for much longer it may be extremely difficult to get back into the hospital. (We are not seen as active nursing.) For some nurses that is okay but I have quite a few years left nursing and this isn't a job for twenty years.

Now the challenge with nursing is the shiftwork. If I leave here then I will need to go back to twelve hour shifts or working nights unless I am very selective and choose a work place that does eight hours and has evening shifts. Aaaah!

The amazing thing about nursing is that there is such a huge variety of places to work. The challenge is making the connections to get into a place to work or have the education to back you up to show that you are worthy.

Very different roles and struggles than a stay at home mom. Quite different than the role of women in the fifties. Pulled in every direction and stressors that make life less enjoyable. Nothing like doing one role and doing it really well. This is how you can do many jobs and very fragmented. Not ideal but no other options.

So here I am thinking about a career change. Hoping that it is a good one but open to changing jobs quickly if it isn't for me. Will keep you posted. Don't want to say too much until something/anything is finalized.