Sleep Deprivation

Many people can identify with sleep deprivation. Many children that have autism are not good sleepers. Thankfully Zach has always been a good sleeper.

Jack however is not! Is it just because he has never learned to put himself back to sleep? I think that it is more complicated than that. Jack's allergies and food sensitivities effect his tummy which effects his eating which effects his sleeping.

Jack's lack of sleep effects our sleep which effects our coping and in turn effects our relationship with our children. Many people have told us that their child never slept until two years. But Jack is now three and a half.

When Jack was a baby I longed to go three hours between feedings. Actually when Gabe goes three hours, that feels like a long time.

Until Jack was 18 months old, I dealt with the sleep deprivation but now Dave deals more with Jack. Sadly Dave and I have not slept side by side for an entire year or longer because I was sleeping on the couch before Gabe was born. I was too uncomfortable in our bed and it was such an effort turning over that I would wake Dave up. I just moved down to the couch. I was way more comfortable there anyways. I just stayed downstairs so Gabe wouldn't disturb Dave. We couldn't put Gabe in Jack's room because Jack wouldn't stay out of Gabe's crib. Then when Gabe got a little bigger and needed to be in his crib, we switched.

We would like Dave to move back upstairs again. But if Dave was not downstairs, we would never hear Jack when he got into the fridge. Jack will just get up during the night and start playing or rummaging thru the pantry or fridge for food.

Last night he went on the computer and started playing video games. The other night he woke up at 1:30 and was up until 5:00. I guess he had gotten just enough sleep that he was rejuvenated. How do you stop this behaviour?

How can you have three excellent sleeper's and one terrible sleeper? Is it just his personality? Does he have ADHD? We have been thinking about hyperactivity for awhile now. But they don't diagnose a child at three with ADHD. So the saga continues.