Gabe's birth story. Caught him in my hands.

Gabe April 5, 2010

On this day that would be Gabe's first and only first birthday he will ever have, I have decided to post Gabe's birth story as told by my husband, Dave.

Gabriel's Christopher Yarema's Birth Story

Stats: Weight: 7lbs 3oz. Length: 21.25 in.

Ann was... preoccupied but really calm and in control. Ann "the nurse" took over.

It all began around 6:10 am. Ann had a big contraction. She did some email. Then the contractions started again around 6:30 am. About that time Ann decides to have a shower. Around 6:40am I wake up to the sound of the shower and Ann talking fairly quietly to herself. As I clear the fog of morning from my head I realize she's saying, "Oh Dave. Dave. Ohh... Dave (breath, breath) etc." I'm instantly alert at this point and ask if she's OK. Who do you want me to call? Joey Fournier (friend & neighbour), Connie Elder (friend that lives further away) or the ambulance? She's thinking call Joey and let's get in the car to go to the hospital. 

I'm looking at her thinking, "Is she gonna make it?" Her water hadn't broken so I started implementing 'Plan A'. 6:44am, I call Joey, tell him to come over to watch the kids. I hang up. Ask Ann how she's doing. She's lookin' like she's going into hard labour. I'm wandering what do I dress her in? There's no way she's wearing pants at this point. I go downstairs to open the door for Joey. Ann tells me her water just broke. Call 911. I now KNOW, with absolute certainty, we are not going anywhere. I call 911 and let Joey in the door (6:47am). The 911 number didn't work! "F$%# you!", I say and try again. It works. Joey walks in the door. Ann screams real loud. Joey freaks out. I'm talking to the 911 guy as I get upstairs to check on Ann so I can tell the 911 operator Ann's current status. He's getting ready to instruct me as to what the next move should be. I tell him not to worry about the "delivery part". I got to the bathroom door to find Ann holding the baby in her hands with one foot in the bathtub. The other on the floor. Blood dripping down the side of the tub leading to a small pool of blood. Cord not tied around baby (thank god). Baby's colour was amazing. I was there to hear him take his first breath at 6:50 am. 

(small pause)

Not too much blood in the tub (also good). Still a huge mess. Placenta drops out. 911 operator instructs me to find a shoelace or some string to tie off the cord. I use one of Ann's laces from a shoe in the closet. Paramedics arrive. They see the guy (Joey) freaking out at the door and think he's the dad. Everything is basically done at this point. 

Medics check to make sure everything is good. I got to cut the cord. We bagged the placenta. Kids get a brief look at the baby. Ann showers. Gets dressed and walks out to the ambulance. I make breakfast for the kids. Connie Elder arrives in the meantime to watch the kids for the rest of the day. Joey goes off to work with quite a story to tell. I get to the hospital around 10:45 am. Arrived home at 5:30 pm. Drank Fort Garry beer and ate a fantastic roast chicken. Watched '24'. I'm very thankful for my friends.

What a day. God is good.       

 Happy birthday, Gabe! We love you.

 Gabe April 5, 2011

 Gabe April 5, 2011