More allergies?

So our little Gabriel is very little. He has been 18 pounds since January at least. I have been concerned about the little guy's weight since August or September but the doctor doesn't seem to be too concerned.

I know I know the growth curves are not always appropriate for breastfed babies but I think a baby should be gaining weight. Does that seem unreasonable?

Now there are multiple variables here....I returned to work when he was only three months old and taking the bottle had been a struggle. I was always concerned that he wasn't drinking more. Just kinda shows the importance of having that first year off eh? Well unfortunately we didn't have that option.

Gabriel is a pretty happy baby whenever he is sick. He either won't go down for his nap when he is sick or he wakes frequently at night. There may not be any other symptoms other than the sleep disturbances. It seems like he has been sick for weeks now which isn't helping his weight. And my gut is saying that he too has allergies. Surprise surprise!

Now it surely could be coincidental. Is the gut discomfort caused from something else making him not want to eat or is it inflammation from the allergens in my breastmilk that prevents him from eating?

My gut instinct is saying that something in my breast milk doesn't make him feel good and he knows it so he doesn't want to drink from the bottle. But he will drink from the breast because it comes in such a pleasing form. Yes, oh yes the breast. What comfort! How can something so pleasing be associated with discomfort? The deception of the beautiful breast.

I might be seeming pessimistic but remember he is our fourth and both Maddie and Jack have allergies.

So back to the financial dilemma of the expensive formula! Ugh! Why aren't these special formulas covered? It is a health issue. It's not like I would choose alimentum if I didn't have to!