Pay It Forward

The other day our sweet little neighbor brought over a thank you card to thank my husband for shovelling her driveway. Unbeknownst to him, he shovelled her driveway a couple of times and then after the fact, found out that she had been in an accident and injured her back. Just a nice gesture to say thank you. Wow, how sweet! Nice to be acknowledged.

Sometimes when people do kind things for us we can say thank you. I am realizing that it is important to get people a little something to acknowledge that we are truly appreciative. Wow, if only I could do that more often.

So people please help me out here and if you truly appreciate something that someone has done for you, just give them something as a sign of appreciation. And maybe just maybe everyone will receive something that they truly deserve.

We have gotten so many great clothes for Maddie from a friend with two girls. We appreciate the clothes so much that I would love to get them a gift card just to say thanks. Maddie met the girls but likely doesn't remember the girls. The enjoyment she gets from the clothes warms the cockles of my heart.