Self Sabboteur?

Why do I sabotage myself?

I have an opportunity to have a real break, a true break finally and what do I do? I alter the plans because I will be away from my children.

Have my priorities truly changed or am I truly just depressed and therefore just unable to do things I once enjoyed? How do you differentiate one from the other?

You see, my good friend is getting married this summer. Our family has talked about all going together but now that gas is so expensive, we are rethinking that plan.

Plus, we are now a family of six. Who can house a family of six? Hotels get expensive and tenting is not convenient prior to going to a wedding.

Plus, I will be quite busy and Dave will be single parenting it. Wouldn't it be better for me to fly and Dave go to his parent's during that time? I'm just sad that it separates us when we should be vacationing together and having fun together. The truly important bonding time. The time that my children can truly see me happy. What's that? Happy. Yes that word can be in my vocabulary. Something my children don't see enough of.