Beaming with Satisfaction

Little miss Maddie sure is a princess. She had her yearly dance recital pictures yesterday. They need all of the makeup you can imagine.

Miss Maddie's excitement started days before picture day. Mommy are you steaming my dress today? What about steaming my dress right now? Just beaming with anticipation. Cannot wait to start the routine of getting ready for the dance recital.

The picture was set for 4:40pm and little miss starts asking about her dress first thing in the morning. Just the excitement of getting all the lard on her face, the curls in her hair and dressing up is thrilling.

Sadly mommy waited too long to start the entire routine and it was snack time too and mommy was preparing to go to work. Not a nice combination.

Mommy used the wrong foundation that was far too dark for little miss Maddie's face so instead of just being a facial, the foundation had to go down the neck onto the chest. Silly silly mommy. Make work project. Instead of stopping right away, mommy continued and by the time mommy realized it was the wrong foundation, mommy no longer had time to reverse it. Mommy would have been late for work.

Here's for hoping the pictures are okay and that the camera doesn't pick up all of the flaws.

But nothing could deter my little girls excitement. She was still beaming from ear to ear this morning. Nothing that warms her mommy's heart more than one satisfied girl. So thrilled!