Autism-speech challenges

Met with the speech pathologist and Zach's teacher yesterday. It was an excellent meeting but it really taught me how much more I have to learn. It's too bad we don't have access to a speech pathologist continually. For these kids with speech challenges, it would be extremely helpful to have their direction.

Do parents just automatically know how to encourage their kids to talk? Am I the only parent that needs guidance?

I don't want to accept the status quo. I want to encourage Zach to do more and be more. I think that he has a lot of potential. I want to encourage him without frustrating him.

The danger with special needs children is that the education can depend on the IPP or the individualized program plan. Regular classrooms plans may only have three goals. Three goals to target a multitude of areas instead of marks that a typical child would get. The IPPs can be so dependent on the parent's experience of knowing what to push for.

How do we educate ourselves? How can we know everything about everything? Or is it just a gut instinct? If something feels right than does that mean it is acceptable? If it doesn't feel right than we need to do something about it? That puts a lot of weight on our perceptions and hunches. Pretty nerve wracking! Or is it a combination of both educating ourselves and hunches.