When I was growing up, there wasn't much said about homosexuality. I didn't really know much about it at all. Didn't know anyone at all that was gay. Knew that the church didn't accept it but that was pretty much the extent of my exposure until high school.

A friend and I suspected someone we knew in high school was gay. It wasn't until later on that we found out our suspicion was correct.

One night when I was fourteen, after I had gone to bed, my brother came to get me up. He wanted to talk to my mother and I about something. It was that night that my eighteen year old brother told me that he was gay.

Chris had been going to Toronto for years already so there was something there that appealed to him. He would go every Friday night and return every Sunday.

After our conversation that one night, I learned that Chris had found acceptance. Chris had finally found a community that accepted him and answered some questions about who he was. Who doesn't desperately desire understanding and acceptance?

Years earlier, one of my close friend's asked me if Chris was gay but I just never knew. Chris was never into sports or anything but he certainly wasn't feminine in any way. He certainly wasn't flaming or the stereotypical homosexual.

My life changed the day that Chris told me that he was gay.
I guess you could say that I was grieving in a way. The thought of what my brother would be like changed that day but it just turned out to be different. He wouldn't marry a woman and I thought that he would never have children.

I struggled with the church's stance on homosexuality. I love my brother and so I had to work out my own view of homosexuality. I love my brother still and it is not my place to judge and so I chose to continue loving my brother.

I was overjoyed when Chris had the opportunity to become a dad. He too never thought he would have a chance to become a dad. He is an awesome dad. I am most impressed that my brother could be such an awesome father despite his own delinquent father.

So some Christians may choose to judge me for my acceptance of my brother. I think there are far worse things than choosing to love someone. In a world that is so full of judgment, let us love one another and accept each other's differences.