What do you do when a person is so obsessive compulsive about something? They are so obsessed about something that they are compelled to do something. So they cannot truly help themselves or is it that they choose not to help themselves? Do they even recognize that their actions are offensive? Maybe they don't even care because they're so obssessed that there really isn't any thought process.

Do you say something to that person? They are helping in one sense but in another sense really overstepping their boundaries. Overstepping their boundaries in a way that makes it really hard to appreciate what has been done because it truly feels offensive.

It would make a huge difference if it was done in love rather than being compelled to do something or just done in anger. The motivation behind why something was done is almost more important than what was done.

Should something be said to that person? Or would it be better to just leave things alone? Conflict is not my strong suit so I certainly don't want to cause a rift. However, I don't want to leave things if the conflict will grow into an elephant in the room. Time goes by and things can grow and fester if they are not dealt with.

I apologize for being so vague but some topics should be left untouched. I am teetering on the untouchable topic here because of who this story involves and not so much what was done. I am very flustered and wondering what I should do. Just trying to work through the struggle.