Time Doesn't Slow Down

Had a great day with my kids yesterday until the witching hour. I put Gabe down for his nap, had lunch with the other three and then went swimming. Yes, I took three kids swimming on my own.

I came to the realization that it is very rare that I can go somewhere and not be constantly watching the clock. It was so great to have fun in the pool and be able to stay as long as we wanted.

Well, yesterday was a rare day and oh what freedom. I am tired of needing to be somewhere on time or do something by a certain time. I just want to have the freedom to be with my kids and just do whatever we want to do.

These precious years of our kids being young are slipping by so quickly. I feel so sad that life is so busy with rushing to get ready for work, rushing to get to work, rushing to get to the doctor's, the bus, the school for a meeting, the speech pathologist, the dentist or whichever appointment is scheduled for that day. I ended up canceling my chiropractor appointments because life is just so darn busy.

I'm still pumping so I still don't have the freedom from that but I'm starting to pump less. The pumping is just another activity that forces me to clock watch even when I am out with a friend or Dave for respite.

I envy the incredibly organized individuals who seem to be able to fit so much in their day. I sadly am not one of those organized individuals. I'm planning on taking a course in time management. I'm hoping it will help me somewhat. Anyways that is another story.