Sibling Rivalry Continues

I know that sibling rivalry is normal but how do you stop your children from competing with each other? It's the biggest compliment that your children desire to have your attention but you want everyone to feel loved and accepted and their needs attended to. Is it possible to have everyone's needs somewhat satisfied? Is it unrealistic for them to all feel loved at one time?

I once thought that if I just had some Maddie time, her tank would be filled up with mommy time. Unfortunately, the tank can never be filled to full. It doesn't seem like there is ever enough time that she needs to be content. I can spend an entire afternoon with Maddie on her own and she will still go after Jack or Gabe because they require mommy's attention.

I never realized how early on children need to learn that one person cannot be everything to them. I don't want to let my children down but I am human and unfortunately will let them down.

Jack and Maddie will often compete to get to the door first, to be the first to open the door or be the first one to finish their meal. This is playful and I am not overly concerned about this. I'm more concerned when they deliberately start to hurt each other.

Just today, Jack was kicking Gabe because Gabe was trying to take a chip from Jack. The safety concerns are truly terrifying.

On the side, it amazes me that Gabe can be so young and still want what his siblings have. Amazing! I don't think we have to worry about autism with Gabe because he so wants to be like the other kids and have what they have. He already has the shared enjoyment.