Search for Significance

Feeling pretty low today. Feeling like the stress is mounting from every direction and no stress release available.

We've been without a babysitter for five months now and the challenges of working all the time and being on with the kids every non-working hour has gotten to me.

I've thought about the whole nanny thing again but when I think about the cost, I just think of the bigger hole that we will be digging.

The cost of living in this city is enormous. Every which way you turn, the food is going up and the gas is skyrocketing. How do people with lower wages make it? Are we just living outrageously and beyond our means? I don't think so.

I do admit with working so hard I like to treat myself but I think that I am quite reasonable. Have other people discovered something we haven't? How can people afford taking nice vacations. Oh how I would love a tropical deserted island somewhere right about now.

So now I'm rethinking about what is really important. Are we achieving any goals that we have set for ourselves? Is there any way we can feel significant other than our jobs?

Am I yet again facing a midlife crisis? Oh dear...I feel way too young to be midlife. Here we go...the search for significance.