Living the Satisfactory Life

I am really amazed at how many people are on antidepressants. I certainly don't want to give you the impression that I don't encourage them when people truly need them. For a person with diabetes....would you tell a diabetic to come off their insulin? Certainly not! Same as the person with depression!

But what it makes me question is if these people are just truly unhappy? Are they dissatisfied with their lives? Do they stifle the things that would truly make them happy? Are they just fulfilling the role that they need to fill to meet life's obligations? Have they missed out on "their break" that would make all the difference in the world?

Are they working the sixty hour work week because that is what they have always done? Are they just existing?

In memory of my mother....she was on amitryptyline, an antidepressant, for who knows how long. Was she truly disappointed in a failed marriage and life just wasn't what she imagined for her life and kids? My mom just slept some days away despite the antidepressants. There were many a day that I felt like I raised myself without any parental involvement. Surviving on peanut butter sandwiches.

Was she struggling with a difficult son that would be so difficult to get out of bed let alone getting him to do any other tasks? It can be so exhausting fighting with a child just to get them out of bed. What can you do when life is just really disappointing?

Well I can relate! My life with my children wasn't supposed to be so full of struggles. I had a lifetime full of struggles by the time I turned 19, I didn't need any more struggles. To have a child with special needs and then a second child with huge struggles is very challenging. Unfortunately we don't have a limit to the number of struggles we can face in our lifetime. So I ask myself....what can we do to make life fulfilling and meaningful despite all of the challenges?