Momma's Weekend Off

So I had a fabulous trip to Winnipeg a couple weeks back. Took Gabe with me so dad didn't have two children waking up for him at night.

The unfortunate part of the trip was that Gabe had a fever and was quite sick. The flight was a little rough on the way there. The fortunate part with him being sick, I know terrible thing for me to say, is that he was super cuddly. Lots of people got their baby time in and he slept a lot so I was able to visit with some really good friends for a good amount of time. Not a moment to spare because I scheduled so many people in. I apologize to those I did not see. Three days went far too quickly.

On the third day, Gabe was starting to complain about something hurting. I reluctantly took him into a walkin clinic and the doctor sent us to the Children's hospital. I'm a nurse and enroute I debated whether I should go to the Children's hospital but I was nervous we were going to get stuck there. I was really concerned with his lack of energy and really concerned that I had put off a serious illness for too long. I was debating whether I should fly back to Calgary and then take him to the hospital in Calgary but I was too nervous to get on the plane just in case something happened.

Thankfully Gabe was only diagnosed with roseola and an ear infection. We got the green light to fly so we were good to go. How fortunate that they both were not a concern to fly with.

Yes I can leave the homestead but I'm always a mother and can never deny my role.