Meant to be

I guess some things are just meant to be! I had kinda given up on the nanny thing but wouldn't you know of Dave's friends contacted him for work shortly after we had started thinking about a nanny.

Dave and I have done the work around each other and it's highly stressful. I am already stretched to my limit without adding Dave working full time.

Why am I so stressed you ask? Without stating the obvious...four kids, seven and under, and working full time, one child with autism and another one with a severe speech delay. Need I say more?

Once a year, we make our requests for vacation. I am not the greatest planner so contemplating the next year's events is pretty difficult to plan for. But I recognize the importance of holidays because when I do not have planned vacation, I am working.

So work has recently gone through some scheduling changes which has not been too positive a change for the majority of the nurses. Some nurses have been so disgruntled, they are just leaving. A shortage of nurses is not an ideal situation when you are requesting vacation.

To make it even more stressful, my workplace has very senior nurses. Vacation is granted by seniority. I have twelve years of work experience which is great but not enough seniority to get time off when my kids are off school. The ideal time to take time off is when my kids are out of school so we can actually have a vacation. Yes I can trade shifts but traded shifts are unpaid days.

So you can see where I am coming from but to make things of my vacation requests could not be granted because the request was lost. To make matters even worse, I have one vacation day granted between June first and January first. Not great for a nurse who happens to be under a lot of stress at home, has four children and really needs the time off.

So what is the difference between being burnt out and being depressed? So I ask myself...would any kind of antidepressant help my situation? I could use a happy pill on occasion and maybe I would see things slightly different but it is not going to change my circumstances.

Wow that sure was a long tangent from something that was meant to be. Now back to the nanny search and Dave's full time work....we have found someone with huge potential. Someone that is experienced with children with autism and very comfortable in the kitchen and cooking for special diets including gluten free. Can you hear me singing? Well, we are meeting someone on Monday. Anyways, before I say too much...I will keep you posted.