Mistaken Identity

When I was living in Winnipeg I lived with three girlfriends. One of the girl's I lived with had a bright yellow jacket. After work one day I saw a girl with a bright yellow jacket on so I yelled for her. She stopped and looked at me. She was about half a block up so I had a fair ways to run to catch her. As I got closer to her, I realized it wasn't Becky. In my mind I thought oh no, what do I do now? So I decided to keep running past her so she would think she was mistaken because I was actually running towards someone else. Nice cover up Ann!

Years earlier I would think that I would see Paul everywhere but in fact it wasn't actually him. Terrible feeling losing your brother and having no idea what happened to him. I hoped he was okay.

Another time I was on a city bus and I started talking to a friend of a very close friend. I started talking to her about our mutual friend. After I was talking for what seemed like five minutes she stopped me and stated that she wasn't who I thought she was. Oh man! How embarrassing!