Mother's Day

Our family was quite excited about going for sushi. We have a great sushi place that we often like to go to. Yes, my children love sushi but mainly the California rolls.

We decided to meet there after work. I sadly had to work on mother's day but it was a great day to work-good staff and lots of staff. So with great anticipation...we met at the sushi place but it was closed. Yes, closed! Despite it being mother's day they remained closed.

So we chose an alternate restaurant. With some nervous anticipation, we went and of course there were a lot of people there. To my surprise, the door person estimated fifteen minutes. I was thinking to myself that he underestimated the weight time but I was hoping it would only take fifteen minutes.

Forty five minutes later we were seated with very hungry children. We got our drinks and Jack wasn't happy with his drink. I reluctantly allowed him to order something he wanted thinking that he may be unhappy.

Jack's appetite is often not the best at supper time. So in order to save some money, I ordered ribs for both of us because Jack was quite clear that he wanted ribs.

Well, when our food arrived many many minutes later Jack was beside himself that he didn't get his own plate of food. He wants to have 'the same' as the other kids ya know. That is very important.

I got him a plate and took some of my ribs and some of my fries but oh my goodness, nothing was right! He was screaming! I tried to cut the meat off the ribs for him and that was wrong. He tried to cut the meat off the bones with a butter knife and he couldn't do it so I tried again and he just got louder and louder and louder. Nothing could possibly be right. At this point, he was so hungry and so distraught, I was just thinking he was just too emotionally beside himself, he was not going to eat a thing.

Jack had been sitting beside me and Dave was going to get him out of there. I just picked him up, lifted him over me and set him down on his feet beside me. There was no way that he was going to walk willingly so Dave picked up the three year old boy, arching back and screaming and got him out of there. Dinner ruined, no salvaging any part of the ruined meal. Sigh!

Thankfully I was able to exchange his drink to a juice that he would drink. Salvaging something that would appease him somewhat. Thankfully that transaction occurred when he was outside so it certainly did not reinforce the unbelievable and inappropriate behaviour of the night.

Jack came back as a different boy very unhappy about leaving the restaurant

I finished my wonderful meal, well the only part that I was going to eat with little to no appetite and left with Gabe when he was no longer interested in sitting in his high chair. One huge advantage of having two vehicles.

I think I would have been happier staying at home with a little store bought chicken and caesar salad.

Came home to all the wonderful comments about everyone's wonderful children and everyone's happy days and how wonderful everything is on Facebook. Hard to hear after a very difficult meal.