Business Or Marriage?

Sometimes I feels like my marriage is kinda like a business. It is quite the task to keep four children's schedules straight, work full time, add your husband's work schedule to the mix and keeping the household running.

I didn't grow up in a two parent home so I don't know an efficient way to do this. If it is even possible to be efficient? I am the youngest too so a lot of my life, Paul was gone and Chris was really busy. So most of the time it was just my mother and myself.

I can see how your family of origin can really play a role in your success. The examples your parent(s) set for you can really screw you or set you up for life. I know, I know that a child has choices and makes their own decisions but the family can certainly make a difference. No pressure parents!

How do parents not crumble under the pressure? Am I becoming a worse parent because I worry too much? Do all mother's put as much pressure on themselves as I do?

Seriously, is life just about a bunch of accidents? Or is it about intentionally doing something? Am I just reacting to all the stress in our lives and how do I deal with it? I am a pretty serious person so I totally know that I need to laugh more.

How do you avoid a business feel for your marriage? I don't want it to feel convenient and functional. I want to have some passion and some spice.

Having a child with autism or special needs can cause higher divorce rates. Thankfully Dave and I seem to be functioning okay. I think we do a pretty good job dealing with the harder stuff. Nowadays, all marriages have a pretty high chance of marital difficulties not just those with special needs.

So how do you have a great marriage? I don't want to settle for a business like convenience. How do people survive together for fifty to sixty years? Are those marriages great? I want a great marriage!

I know, I many more questions than answers. More questions than anything else....