The Pediatrician

So the big day has arrived...the pediatrician appointment. Back in February, Jack's teeth were finally fixed and his sleeping had improved temporarily. So when we got into the pediatrician, I was kinda at a loss of what to ask of her. But sure enough after we thought that the biggest issue had been resolved things became horrific again.

So here we are again, experimenting with some other strategies and we have another pediatrician appointment. Do not get me wrong....these strategies are just that.... strategies and not a be-all that ends all.

It is helping us cope with the difficult behaviour but sadly not every strategy is going to work. While some things have been working great, other things don't make any difference at all. Jack is a little boy and therefore doesn't nicely fit into a box. He still has a very strong will and if he feels like he is being manipulated at all, he will retaliate. It is almost as if he can read our minds.

But the coping strategies are what we need. We need to be able to cope so we are better for the rest of our children. We have been in a survival state for far too long.

If we had this appointment just a week ago, my frustration level was at an all time high and I would have had fuel to my fire. I wanted this appointment more than anything. So now what do we say to the pediatrician? I want the passion in my words to ask for what I want but now I really don't know what I want?

Maybe she really cannot do anything for us anyways and it is just a waste of everyone's time. Maybe we are just going to figure things out on our own. I don't want to fight for a diagnosis just for the sake of getting a diagnosis. I want help here and I just want someone to objectively look at the whole picture here and help us. At the last appointment she just focused on what she thought was the issue, a lot of sugar in Jack's diet. Dave was pretty keen on trying out her suggestions but I just left more frustrated than ever with the realization that her suggestions were really not the solution of what we were seeking. She had tunnel vision and she was barking up the wrong tree. It is good to blog to you so I can figure out what I want.

So here I am three hours prior to a huge doctor's appointment and truly searching for what I want.