Had a door knocker today and definitely was not impressed with the visitor. Who was the visitor you ask? Child and Family services was following up regarding a couple of concerns. How do things go from bad to worse? How do you not take those calls personally?

Yes! We are having a hard time controlling our children!

No we are not perfect!

So apparently one day at the park, Maddie took her dress off and was chasing a rabbit. She was using her dress to try and catch the rabbit! Great eh? Someone was able to call in the concern and the person knew our names. I think that I am more disappointed that someone couldn't approach us regarding the concern rather than reporting it to Child & Family Services. This is the difference between a city mentality and a small town mentality. (Well, what I think of a small town is like anyways. I would think people in a small town would know each other somewhat better.) We don't really know all of our neighbors but someone obviously knew our names to report us.

The next concern was regarding our runner, Jack. Yes, isn't that great....not just one concern but at least two. The concern was Jack had gone into some garages and was seen carrying a knife. Isn't that grand?! My husband suspects it may be a friend of Maddie's mother's that called in the concern. She was the person that returned Jack with this knife. We suspect that someone may have had a picnic in the park and Jack picked the knife up there.

Just on the side here... this is a friend that Maddie loves to play with at school all of the time. They live just down the street from us. I've gotten attitude from this woman in the past about "not being able to control Jack". One day, when Gabe was quite little, I went upstairs to get Gabe from his nap and Jack took off out the door. The opportunist that he is...looking for every opportunity to escape when mommy or daddy are busy. So Jack escaped and as soon as I came down I went outside to get him and this woman gave me a holier than though attitude about not keeping him under control and how could he be down the street? So as you can see, there is history here. No recognition that your child could just run out of the house. No understanding either. Just judgment. All I ask for is people to try and look at a situation in a different light and not just what it looks like on the surface.

Now, just yesterday Maddie mentioned that her friend's mom and dad don't like her. Dave tried to change the perspective of Maddie's statement that possibly the mother said that she didn't like something not specifically Maddie. I accepted Dave's perspective and it lessened my negative thoughts towards this woman. It's far more difficult staying positive now. And yet again, just plain old disappointment. Tell me...are we just so intimidating? Can they not just come and talk to us regarding their concerns? Obviously not!

So our little runner has been very difficult to control. Man, I didn't think I had control issues but when it comes to a defiant child that obviously doesn't understand the dangers out there I guess I might. He has gone to the park with Maddie but of course, he did not stay at the park.

Yes, I can see why people would be concerned with this situation. One regarding Jack's age and what kind of parent would allow this child go to the park.... And two... Oh my a knife? How grand is that? It's hard enough dealing with my own judgment but the obvious failure in other people's eyes is almost more than I can bear. Not without searching for help.... ie. A nanny and talking to the pediatrician and Jack's school. Like I have said... we are a family in crisis and I think I am one step away from a major breakdown. Please give me a break! Please please just a little bit of a reprieve.

And yes maybe you think I am over reacting here but man it just feels absolutely crappy! Dark difficult sad sad day!