Calling all Christians!!!

So tell me here...what do you think the role of the church should be?

Should we as Christians take responsibility for our own spiritual growth and should the church just be a place for fellowship? I do understand that it's not cut and dried. It can be a combination.

What I am questioning more is what if you are hungry and feel like you aren't getting the whole meat and potatoes? Am I being unreasonable to want to learn and be challenged at church?

So where is this coming from?

So I followed Dave out here from Winnipeg nearly 13 years ago. And when I came here, I naturally wanted to go to the church he was at. At times I have thought of changing churches so when we were in the SW of Calgary, I went to another church for a little while. But then we moved again.

What I really struggle with is...actually there are several things....

I love praise and worship and although the singing in our church can be okay sometimes...I'm still craving more.

I struggle over my shift work. Sadly my work schedule keeps me from church far too often. Our church has a Saturday evening service and a Sunday morning service. The Saturday evening service is a very different style and not my preferable style of church service. So if I am working days, I do not go the Saturday evening service.

I also struggle over the thought of my husband and I going to different churches. Dave feels way more connected to our church than I do. If he goes to one church and I go to another church, what is that telling our children? Do you think it really matters?

Do you think I should be more concerned about my relationship with Jesus and therefore allow God to do the rest? By going to the same church am I compromising what I truly need to be filled? am I putting my marriage first and God second? Am I just putting too much weight on the importance of church?

Plus, if I can only go to church one week in four, does it make sense for my kids to switch churches for me? So, what does one do?

I struggle with Zach's faith too. He often protests when we ask him to pray with us for meals. There is a war going on here and it's not against flesh and blood.

I listen to some excellent podcasts on Focus on the Family and Turning Point on the radio but I am feeling hungry for more. I am craving the fellowship and connections. We have been involved in bible studies in the past but sadly they have left me with more frustration.

Do you think families need to go to church together for their children? Do you think my expectations for the function of the church is just too high? Is it okay that I look for a church to fill a certain amount of my needs? Is it just partially my fault because I'm not able to go to church consistently? Do I just need to work less weekends?

I heard something recently about the busyness of family life....Satan doesn't necessarily do much other than just keep us busy. What a perfect distraction from life, from God and from things that are truly important. "Be still and know that I am God." How often can we be still?!

Just some food for thought!!