A Result From the Fall or Punishment?

Every which way you turn there are tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and the list goes on and on. You hear about a person's child dying at a very young age and you hear about someone being diagnosed with cancer or MS.

Do you think these disasters are just a sign of the end times? Do you think it is a sign that we are abusing our planet and so we are reaping what we sow? I recently heard about the terrible state our oceans are in, after all that oil leaked into the ocean, and if something is not done quickly, many species may become extinct.

So what about MS or cancer or ALS? Yes, there may be a genetic component but do you think that the person did something that caused them to become sick? I have a real problem with the idea that someone got cancer because of their "sin". Sure if someone chose to smoke or do drugs but because of something they did wrong? Okay, it's hard to separate the two. Smoking is something someone is doing to themselves but it's not like a moral act.

Now what about sexual deviancy? Do you think the corruption of a particular society could cause a tsunami? For example...do you think Thailand had the massive tsunami because of the amount of prostitution there or some other "sin" of that country?

I have a real problem with someone getting cancer because of something they have done. ie. Because they are not a very nice person. If that is the case, why would a great person get cancer? That is like blaming the person for the cancer. I also have a problem with the tsunami being blamed on the society's immorality.

What about HIV/Aids? Do you think that HIV is a result of God's punishment for homosexuality? So what about all of the people in Africa that have been infected and are far from homosexuality? What makes you think that God would punish homosexuality more than gluttony or child prostitution? Why do some people think that homosexuality is worse than gluttony or other somewhat more acceptable things in our society? And why are those things seen as more acceptable?

Just looking for some answers!