Birthday Parties

Yes, it is upon us is birthday season again. From now until October 1, Zach will be talking about what he would like for his birthday, what he would like for his party and who he would like to invite. It's great that Zach has friend's to invite.

As a mother of four children, it stresses me out. I am quite relieved when the birthday season comes to an end for six months. Dave's and mine don't count. We certainly don't make a big deal about ours. Somehow arranging a party for Dave is far less stressful for me. Hmmm! Why would that be? Is it the expectations of the little ones? Momma just cannot disappoint these expectations.

Aren't kids great?! What happens to us as we get older? Why are we no longer excited about our birthday's the same way? Is it because we've had so many disappointments with our birthday? Does it have to do with getting older? Why do we start dreading our birthdays rather than being excited?

So the dilemma is...birthday parties are expensive. How do you balance out the cost but also the importance of facilitating those friendships. Autism can be so alienating. Kids recognize that Zach is different but will not know why he is different. Let's be honest can be really cruel. It overjoys me when Zach comes home with a birthday party invitation and thankfully he has several times this past year.

So if we want to encourage those friendships, we certainly cannot tell Maddie or Jack that they cannot have a party. This is the first year that Maddie has several girls that she is able to invite.

So I guess that we will just need to be creative in cost saving measures. Maddie's birthday is in two weeks now and the invites have just gone out today. Now I just need to be creative with the gift bags and the craft.

Who started this gift bag idea? Parents can end up spending almost the same amount on the gift bags as people spend on the gifts. I can appreciate sending a little something home with everyone that has attended as a thank you but some people spend a lot of money. Last year for Zach's party, I thought I would buy a bunch of little things but I think I ended up spending more on the little things than just one bigger thing.

I have also come to the conclusion that it would be beneficial to take a cake decorating party. Maddie is getting into you tube as well as the boys. Maddie's favorites are watching make up application (yes, even before six years of age) and she was watching a video on decorating cakes. Maybe I need to watch those videos to learn a thing or two. More updates as the big days come our way.

I'm trying not to stress out. I'm just trying to be thrifty but still have a great party for my kids.