Just some updates for you....

Zach finally had two whole sessions with the speech pathologist. Is that just amazing? Not! Two sessions after we waited from September to May for the appointments. So much for the speech pathologist working with Zach as long as needed. Now we are waiting for the speech aide to work with Zach. We will see how many of those sessions he will get? However long that waiting list is has yet to be determined. If there isn't more of those sessions I'm going to fight for more. Like, come on? Give me a break!

Jack "did well" with his speech assessment however his articulation measures severely delayed and he has a moderate fine motor delay so he will likely qualify for full funding next year. A fine motor delay too? What's with that?

Not sure if he will qualify for respite yet so that is yet to be determined.

I attempted to get Jack back into the family doctor. The doctor will often have last minute appointments however the doctor was off that week. The type of appointment we were trying to get him in for was pertaining to Jack's behaviour.

Dave and I felt that it was important to talk to his doctor rather than any doctor in our doctor's clinic. Our doctor's first available appointment was at the end of June. Not great! So I went ahead and made an appointment with another doctor in the clinic.

Than I started to think we should try to get him back into the pediatrician. It hasn't been that long since we've seen her so maybe she will see us again. To my surprise and frustration, she wanted to see us two to three weeks after our last appointment. Kind of an important detail that would have been helpful to know months ago. The pediatrician didn't say anything about a followup and the person behind the desk didn't say a word about her wanting to see us again. I could have asked at the appointment if we could see her again but I was so "p" ooed that I just wanted to get out of there.

I just need to be up front with our concerns and if she doesn't understand, tell her again. I tried and she took one part of our concerns and ignored anything and everything else of any importance. Uuuugh! I will be more prepared the next time!

Now, we have had Gabe's hearing tested. My mind was put at ease at that appointment however it concluded what we already knew. Gabe can hear at least from one ear. The one test showed no response in his left ear and his one ear has negative pressure. What does that mean? So the test just proved to be adequate at his stage for speech and development. So the audiologist will retest again if required or requested.

Now what can I tell you about little miss Maddie? I volunteered at the casino yesterday for Zach and Maddie's school. I met one of Maddie's classmate's mothers. Oh she made me laugh harder than I have laughed in a very long time. This mother has volunteered in Maddie's class on several occasions. She mentioned to Maddie's teacher that Maddie's mother must be an artist because of the way she dresses. (The teacher told her that Maddie's dad is the artist.) I allow Maddie to dress herself. This woman knew exactly who Maddie was. My sweet little miss Maddie is unforgettable. I will have to find some great outfit pictures of my Maddie to show you.

Found a couple!