Food Issues

As you are all probably aware, food issues with autism seem to go hand and hand. When Zach was little, I never ever thought this child would eat. Just getting him to eat anything seemed like an accomplishment. The variety of foods was very limited. Breads and cereals and milk products seemed to be the norm. Sadly, fruits and vegetables not so much.

We attempted the gluten and casein free diets but for a child that is sustained on both of those food groups, it was just way too challenging. The people that are able to change their child to be gluten and casein free, I truly applaud them. It's pretty difficult to have other family members eating the forbidden foods around your child that needs to avoid them. Especially if your child prefers them.

So, the reason I am talking about food is because Dave filled up a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Now I thought Dave gave Zach way too much but after Zach was finished, he still asked for more. What was I ever worried about?

I can only dream of the day when Jack eats like Zach. Not to worry, I generally do not compare my children. I just wonder if that day will ever come?

However, I am worried about our grocery bill when my kids are teenagers. How much will we spend on food alone? I hear that teenage girls can eat quite well also.

When I was younger and I went to my grandparent's house...they always seemed so consumed with the amount I was eating. I always wondered what the big deal was? Now, I think I sorta understand! However, I think they were more concerned that I was thin rather than that I was eating healthy! I just want my children to eat.