Autism, allergies, ADD, ADHD....

I don't know about you...but I cannot help but wonder what causes autism, allergies and ADD/ADHD? We know there is a genetic component but why is there such an increase in the incidence rates?

Does our family have a vulnerability to something in the environment? Everywhere you turn, you hear about cell phones being carcinogenic, experts have known about the truth of MSG since 1978, aspartame and pesticides and the list goes on and on. I've also heard about cosmetics being bad, nail polish and plastics. What is next?

Some people are skeptical about all of the diagnoses for autism. Are the experts overdiagnosing? Were children not diagnosed in the past? Do we just know more now about autism?

I doubt that there were as many undiagnosed children with autism as the incident rate now! My husband and I have a theory that my dad has autism. My dad is pretty socially awkward. Would many surgeries in his childhood cause the oddities? I think there is something more to it than that. But I'm really unsure what autism looks like as an adult?

It would be interesting to explore the differences between our parent's generation and our own. We are a fast food bought meals with how many chemicals? Microwaves. All of the pesticides used on our foods. Animals treated with a lot of disrespect. How does that truly affect us? Just something to think about!