Getting Healthy

Let's face it mom's...if we don't care for ourselves...we are not any good to anyone else.

Awhile ago I went to a conference on autism and one of the presenter's was talking about the effects of good nutrition. It wasn't a very large study but the people that were given a well balanced vitamin supplement were able to decrease their medications prescribed for mental health reasons. What does that have to do with us? If you are struggling with depression, the micronutrients found in vitamins may be all that we need. Even if you are not struggling with depression, a vitamin cannot hurt. So I started on my multivitamins this morning. I know I know I should have been taking vitamins for awhile now but I really hate taking pills.

Now the next thing I need to commit to is getting more sleep. Seems like a no brainer. Now I cannot do anything about Jack and Gabe waking up but I can control when I go to sleep some nights. (Remember it is about accepting the things you cannot change and changing the things you can.) I work a ton of evenings so it will be impossible to get to bed early those evenings. So when I'm finally home in the evening, I like to do some things for myself. Then I don't get into bed. I just need to be more disciplined. 

The next way we can get healthy is to do more of the things that we enjoy and less of the things that we don't like. Now what makes me happy...going out with girlfriends, going to great movies, and I love to laugh.

Now I have to figure how I can have some more time to myself. We have interviewed several nannies but we cannot hire someone full time. Our needs are pretty specific so it has been a challenge. We have found some great girls but they have been wanting full time to pay for school. Somehow, in some way it is really important to get that time to rejuvenate yourself.

Starting the road to get healthy.