Disappointment with Life

I don't know about you...but I had certain expectations for my life. I don't think that they were extremely high or unacceptable expectations. But how can you not be somewhat disappointed?

I think that I just need to stop and smell the roses so I can appreciate the little things. The major components of the expectations are there...husband, children, and a home. Man, I have far more than I ever had when I was a child. What am I complaining about?

I just didn't add the autism, allergies, ADD/ADHD into the equation. They just really do suck!

I can only imagine what life would be like being able to feed my child anything without any allergies and not having to worry about the consequences.

I can only have imagined not needing to have strangers in our home for therapy. I know those strangers didn't stay strangers for long. And they brought a ton of richness to our lives. But, it sucked needing to be at home all the time and needing to distract our other children from Zach and his worker.

Now Maddie, our sweet little miss Maddie is going through a hard time. We are not sure if this is just a phase but it is very concerning. Maddie told daddy today that she wanted to go to a friend's house when daddy had all four kids at soccer. The soccer field is no where near her friend's place and Maddie took off. She was across the field when Dave caught up to her with Gabe in his arms. To make matters worse Jack left the soccer game and was playing on the road in between cars. A little more stress than he needs.

I think little miss Maddie is reacting to daddy working and mommy working all the time. Oh help! Please tell me how to fix my sad little girl!

A family in crisis?!!!