Six years ago, we were blessed with a wonderful daughter. I was pretty certain that I was pregnant with a girl because my pregnancy was radically different than my pregnancy with Zach.

I was vomiting so much with Maddie. I actually lost five pounds in my first trimester with her. The diclectin, medication for nausea, snowed me. As soon as it wore off I was throwing up again. Going from the freezing cold winter outside and then going into the warm hospital made me incredibly nauseous. I would be driving down the street and suddenly I would be grabbing anything to throw up into. How horrible! I hardly had any nausea with Zach so I thought for sure she had to be a girl.

The day started like any other. I worked the day shift on cardiology. It was a beautiful day so we ate outside at lunch. After coming inside, I felt what seemed to be a typical migraine developing. I had the auras. My blood pressure had never been a concern so I thought nothing of the migraine. I finished my work and left fifteen minutes early even though I was starting to feel somewhat better.

I was at home talking on the phone with a good friend. We ended our conversation. I then got up from the chair I had been sitting on and I thought that I had peed myself. I was in the room across from the bathroom so I went right in. What I saw was completely was total blood on my underwear. The toilet bowl was full of blood. I wanted to get up but I couldn't because the blood kept coming. I yelled for Dave to see if we should call an ambulance or just go into the hospital? I was only thirty three weeks pregnant.

Dave called Joey & Karen back. Yes, if you have read Gabe's birth story....this is the same Joey. It's kinda funny that they have played significant roles in two of our children's births. Joey and Karen met us at the hospital to take Zach to their place so Dave could stay with me depending upon what this baby was going to do.

I quickly called the hospital to ask if we could drive or if we should call an ambulance. Thankfully we weren't far away from the hospital so we got in the car. I was praying that I would just feel the baby move. I just wanted confirmation that she was okay. (I didn't really know that she was a girl!) Since the bleeding started I hadn't felt any movement at all. To my delight as soon as I sat down in the car, she started moving around like crazy.

I had a real mixture of emotions. I was just praying that the baby was okay. I was hoping that I wouldn't need an emergency c-section. With my nursing background, I knew that she would likely be okay because she was over thirty-two weeks. But what was causing this bleeding?

We got to the hospital approximately twenty to thirty minutes from the time the bleeding started. I had filled three pads in that amount of time. They immediately put me on the monitor and it was such a relief to see her heartbeat.

The doctor did an ultrasound to confirm baby's head was down. My bleeding thankfully had slowed down at this point. With my history of precipitous deliveries (that means fast deliveries) and with the baby over 33 weeks, there was no need to give me steroid injections to prematurely ripen her lungs. After a little while, the doctor had decided to admit me to the hospital.

Three hours (7:30pm) after the bleeding had started, my body started to kick into labour. They moved me into a labouring room. I really wasn't mentally ready to have a baby. I was sad that my pregnancy would be cut short and I was just concerned about the prematurity of the baby.

My contractions were really uncomfortable and I was really uncomfortable in bed. In retrospect, I should have been offered a chair or even a birthing ball to get out of that darn bed.

Shortly after ten that evening, the doctor was unhappy about the heart tracing. Maddie obviously didn't like the belt around my waist. We could hear the rhythmic kicking on the baby monitor. They were having a hard time picking up a good heart beat so they wanted to apply a scalp clip. This is a metal clip that they screw into the head to get a good heart tracing. In order to apply the scalp clip, they had to break my water. They told me at 10:10 that I was only four centimeters dilated. Uggh!

But breaking my water is just what I needed, I went from four cm to ten and was ready to push. Wow! Did that get the nurses and team flying! One of the residents needed to pee but this baby was not waiting. Yay! We had our baby girl born July tenth at 10:21pm.

The special team was available and much to my delight I got to see her before she was whisked away to the NICU. Her apgars were nine and nine and she weighed four pounds five ounces. Great weight for thirty three weeks and five days gestation.