Having a Premature Baby

Dave captured my thoughts exactly....It felt like Christmas but we couldn't bring our present (baby) home.

Maddie was taken to the NICU with Dave so he would know where she was. The nurse and doctor were quite concerned with my bleeding so I was put on IV medication to get my uterus to clamp down to get the bleeding to stop. The medication caused some horrible cramping. When my bleeding slowed down, they took me to the NICU to see baby and then took me to postpartum. It was so strange not to have Maddie with me.

I hardly slept the entire night because the cramping was so bad. I was still up at four so I just went to see my little miss. Oh so sweet and precious.

My nurse told me that she was going for a break but still hadn't assessed me even though I had been up all night. The nurse finally disconnected my IV so the cramping finally calmed down. I finally managed to get to sleep and the not very understanding nurse woke me up at six to assess me. Can you hear my disgust? Uggh!

Then the doctor came around an hour later to discharge me. What a great night! I was discharged nine hours after having a baby. I was really disappointed that the doctor didn't allow me any extra time since I had so much bleeding and a baby in the NICU. Obviously the doctor wasn't too concerned or very accommodating.

More later...