Why was she Premature?

I had been terribly sick the week prior to having Maddie. I suspect I had pneumonia. I had a fever but did not realize how concerning it was to have a fever while pregnant. I hadn't even seen a doctor during that time because I was just hanging on to have my two week appointment.

I had seen the doctor right before I got sick and originally thought it was just a cold. However, I missed five days of work over the course of eight days. I had investigated if the cough could be harmful to the baby. Love the internet! I hadn't found anything that made me concerned so I held off seeing the doctor. Just prior to going into labour, I felt some wheezing in my lower lung. I had to stifle the remnant of my cough in the hospital otherwise I would not have been able to see Maddie in the NICU.

The doctor couldn't say why she was born prematurely. At birth, there were some areas on the placenta that looked concerning, some necrotic or dead tissue around the umbilical cord. I found that interesting because I had some pain around my belly button but the pain never lasted very long. The doctor had the placenta sent off to pathology but I never heard anything. The placenta can be very forgiving. A lot of the placenta needs to be affected before you see any affects on the baby.

So by going into premature labour...my body likely did what it needed to do to have a healthy baby. Praise God for a healthy baby.