The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

It is very normal to have hormones that are all over the place after having a baby. But after having a baby that was six and a half weeks early was tough.

I felt very alone having to go back and forth from the hospital. Having someone else care for your baby after you have had them inside for many months is also very difficult. When I was in the neonatal care nursery holding Maddie and feeding Maddie, I found it extremely difficult hearing other baby's cry and the nurse's not responding to those babies right away.

Were they doing the same with my little miss? I wanted them to respond right away to the baby's cries like I would. I wanted to be the one caring for Maddie.

It was an eye-opening experience being on the other side. Thankfully Maddie was only in the hospital for fifteen days but fifteen days was enough. Once she took all of her feedings by bottle, they discharged her. I was really surprised how pro-breastfeeding they were but how unconcerned they were to have breastfeeding established prior to her discharge.

I was also quite fortunate that Dave could watch Zach to allow me to go up to the hospital. I cannot imagine what it would have been like if you didn't have that support or if you were away from home.

Thankfully the support outside the hospital was great to get breastfeeding established.

It's pretty amazing how quickly life became normal again after baby came home from the hospital.