I'm starting to think that I should be starting a blog on breastfeeding. I have such a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding. Love it because it is so convenient, it's free and has no preparation time. You never have to ask yourself if the temperature is right! There is so many health benefits to breastfeeding and my son actually prefers it over the formula. I also love the closeness that I have with my children.

Hate it because it takes away my freedom to eat whatever I want, the possible implications of my diet on my children and how it takes my freedom away to go away and just catch up on sleep.
Notice how selfish all of these reasons are?

I have always struggled with not knowing exactly how much milk they are getting. Don't you wish that baby's had a gauge on them so you could see how much they have had to drink. I know, I know, you can tell by how much they are peeing but it just doesn't seem the same. Are they actually hungry or am I a human soother? Have I been drinking enough fluids?

I have taken a couple of courses on breastfeeding but until you actual experience the many challenges to breastfeeding, I just don't think you can truly appreciate the art of breastfeeding.

And yes, there are challenges...the mental-do I want to do this?...why am I doing this?...can I do this? I want to do this?...why am I doing this? And I'm just too tired to do this with the many emotional challenges of all of the hormones.

The physical I have enough milk?...what do I do when I don't have enough milk? The engorgement...too much milk, mastitis, flat nipples, sore nipples and bleeding nipples, the strong letdown, the choking, the spitting up, they prefer my right side but they won't touch my left side...and the challenges continue.

The challenges with the baby...the premature, the tongue tied, the jaundiced, too tired, too mucousy, and so on.

So I may be blogging about breastfeeding for sometime now!