Full Time Working Mom

So working as a professional has demands of it's own but kids still have their own needs. So you go to work and give your 100% and then you come home and unfortunately you don't always have 100% left. So what do you do about this?

Is it possible to give less than 100% in one area of your life so you are able to have more energy to give somewhere else? Can you choose to spread out your energy? Is it just a matter of making a choice?

I just have a problem giving my all to strangers and then having less than my all for my kids. If I gave as little to my work as I do to my kids, my work would suffer. So why should my kids get this little?

I had a wake up call the other morning when someone asked a question. The question was regarding how much our children learn about God at home from their family? I feel really sad because God is important to me and sadly Zach needs to hear more about God from me. I know that Dave has some conversations with Zachary about God but I think he needs to hear more from me too.

It just showed me that I don't give my kids enough time for the important stuff. Some questions just arise when you are spending time with your kids. And yes, I would prefer to have quality over quantity any day. But when the quality isn't there either, we have a problem.

I work because I have to but I also enjoy working. I just don't want my kids to suffer the consequences of my life imbalances. So here I am again, striving for a balanced life. I think that is just a fact of my life.

Another very startling fact of life occurred on the same day. I was driving to work when I saw an accident. The car was so destroyed, it hardly even resembled a car. Life is so short and so precious. We just need to live life to it's fullest. Are we doing that? Now really? We need to make the most of every minute of each day. I just want my kids to know how much I love them and value them.