The First Breastfeeding Experience

My breastfeeding experience... I had lots of theory for breastfeeding with my nursing background. I even went to a breastfeeding class for my prenatal preparation but nothing could prepare me for that first month of breastfeeding.

Do not be deceived! If you see a mother that has been breastfeeding for awhile, they can look like pros. It wasn't until I started talking to my friend's about my own difficulty, did I hear about all of their difficulties. Amazing how that happens eh? No one really prepares you for how difficult it can be to establish breastfeeding.

If you are preparing for breastfeeding and having a new baby, ask the mothers around you about getting breastfeeding started. That will give you a more accurate view of what breastfeeding can be like. Every mother and every baby is different so your experience will be different than your friend's experience. I don't want you to have a negative view of breastfeeding because it can be and is very rewarding.

Depending upon what you want...I think it is great to prepare yourself and go into a new experience with your eyes wide open. I think it is really important for the new mom or new mom to be to think about what she really wants and why?

As mom's to be, we can be told about nipple confusion and that the bottle is the worst thing ever but breastfeeding may not be for everyone.

Our parents generation was very different from ours. So your mother may not have breastfed so where can you go for support? I think there are more opinions out there for parenting and breastfeeding than a lot of things. But I want you to know if you want to breastfeed, there are a lot of support services out there. So keep looking because there is help out there.