It has been absolutely wonderful having the funding for Dave and I to escape the stressors of autism and family. Unfortunately, we have had more funding than help at times but when we have had the support, it has been such a great break.

At times I have felt that they, they-meaning the government, can throw so much money at us but if there is no support, there is no support.

Prior to this week, I have never realized how helpful it would be for my other children to have the break as well. Don't get me wrong, Zach is a wonderful boy however, Zach can be very territorial, and not always wanting to share his toys with the others. Sometimes he can push and push and push and not know when to quit. The joys of autism.

Zach is at camp this week and I have been thinking of him constantly. My husband told me to relax because he will be enjoying himself but I'm just concerned about the stressors on him. Transitions, new kids and new people that don't know him and may have difficulty understanding him can all be playing a factor in his stress level. I'm a nervous wreck.

Zach was "supposed" to have a fun time at Disney World too but it was the most stressful experience ever. So I keep thinking of that experience and hope he is doing well. I just want it to be a fun experience for all.

Anyways, it has been a really good week for Jack and Maddie. Jack and Maddie's respite has been just what the doctor ordered so to speak. It's been quite restful and also an eye opening experience for me to be aware of the extra stressors on them when Zach is around. We have had a lot of harmony in our home with Zach being gone.

Once again, a huge reminder how much autism affects the whole family.