The Long Awaited, well deserved vacation

So my long awaited vacation has finally arrived. Unfortunately since I have been working like a dog, my stuff is not packed. It's tough packing for five.

Zach was pretty easy to pack for because it was just a matter of throwing his stuff into the washer and then repacking it again.

However, there is the possibility of variable weather and packing for the wedding, and swimming and overnights in separate locations that makes it quite tough.

Yes, my good friend Amy is getting married. First wedding for her and terribly exciting. I call her my best friend but I'm unsure if it is reciprocated. No offense to her but her life has continued as I am the one that moved away from Winnipeg thirteen years ago. Her life has continued with meeting new people as I got married and had children. Life is different for a single person, making new friend's, changing is just different. Where my life was focused on my kids and my husband.

Anyways, my blogging may be sporadic as I will be busy vacationing and busy with the wedding as I am a "friend of the bride". My internet access may be a little hit and miss as well.

Hoping to coming back with a fresh look and a fresh approach and a new sense of humor but one never knows. So until then....