Survived the Never Ending Car Ride

Survived the never ending car ride but will we survive staying at a friend's house? The car ride was spread out over two days just to make it more tolerable. The longer day was the first day however the second day seemed terribly long. It's amazing how your expectations can make the drive feel so much longer. I actually drove the whole way. Maybe it was about way of being in control of the car can I be in control of the safety?

Then we get to the house we are staying at...a friend of Dave's. Maddie and the boys are absolutely terrified of the two cats standing at the door welcoming us. I was quite surprised to meet the two cats because we were warned that we wouldn't meet the second cat because it would stay hidden. I quickly understood that we met them at the door because they were quite hungry. Maddie was crying and running from the cat at the doorway despite the incredibly friendly cat that it was. It went outdoors to meet Maddie and then I started to wonder if it was an outdoor cat? I guess I needed to go get it. Thankfully no hisses or anything but Maddie remained terrified.

I instantly thought to myself...what have we done?

We started to look around the house to figure out sleeping arrangements. Dave had made plans to go out with a friend prior to our trip. I completely forgot about the details of needing food and being in a stranger's home and the kids needing to adjust. Then Jack starts to make himself at home. Jack is going to destroy their house. I'm absolutely terrified.
What have we done?