Funding or Fulfillment

I love my kids and I would do almost anything for them. Maybe that is my downfall. I love them desperately. But I do recognize the importance of my happiness and how that can affect my children.

So what do you do? Do we stay in Calgary because there is amazing funding for respite, speech support, preschool support and all of the other great support that we receive?

Calgary is actually a pretty good place for kids to grow up. I feel pretty safe here and I am definitely grateful for that with having children here. However, I never liked Calgary even prior to my relocating here but the benefits are very hard to ignore. Will my children's lives be far higher functioning because they receive these supports now? Would it be beneficial to stick it out in Calgary for just a few more years just to get our children past these important development years.

I just feel that the longer we stay here, the harder it will be to leave because all of our children are making friends and I really value those friendships. There is a lot to be said about your children developing friendships and learning to maintain them.

I'm not saying I cannot be happy here but it certainly would not be my first choice for a place to live.

The verdict is still out on Gabriel. I'm very encouraged with his speech but it is still early on. We will see. Optimistically hopeful for speech and development.

I guess the decision to move away would be easier if we had a place in mind. To move away from the funding, there would have to be some pretty strong motivating factors. Maybe in some ways it would be God's promptings. I just feel like there is just somewhere better for us than Calgary. Something more fulfilling.