House Sitting

So Dave's friend was conveniently on holidays when we arrived in Winnipeg. Dave went out with a friend and I just went to Mcdonalds with the kids.

The toilet training went well however the pooping has not gone as well. Jack continues to have accidents. And yes in Mcdonald's he had another accident. I just took him back to the house to clean him up since I didn't find the mess until we were leaving the restaurant. We were minutes away from the house.

We went from one mess to another. The house with the two cats was awaiting us. The cat's kitty litter box is in the basement and I guess one of the house sitters had shut the door to the basement. So where does a cat go instead you ask? Well in the bathtub where I am wanting to clean Jack up in. Uuuuugggh! So now I have two messes to clean up. Four tired children and one tired momma equals a bad combination. Now I certainly know why I don't want cats or any other extra work.

So the kiddies had a quick clean up and then off to bed we all went.

However, sadly that wasn't so easy. Now where do I put these children to bed? My kiddies are terrified of these cats and they seem (the cats not my children) to have full reign of this house. Some forward thinking... Dave's friend was going to be returning part way through the week so some consistency would be great for our children. Jack was set up to sleep on the floor with Zach and Maddie on the bed but he was just way 'too tared'. Just way too scared. So he did his typical routine... Falling asleep on the couch beside me.