Update on Toilet Training

So I certainly had to do some research on how to train this little guy. It's not like we haven't tried this in the past.

So I went onto the web for ideas of training a strong willed child. And like everything, you can always find some information. Wow, there are some amazing stories out there for toilet training strong willed children. The stories make Jack look easy. One family had a child that refused to pee for three days. How excruciating!

So we decided to put Jack in underwear and not say anything about peeing. I decided to start last night and not wait until today. Why not? Why wait? I should clarify that we are just focusing on the days and not worrying about nights right now.

So Jack did amazing! He pulled his underwear down and went. Yippee!

Then today...he went several hours without going but we had to take Zach to a play date. I was facing a huge dilemma because I didn't even want to ask Jack to go to the bathroom because then it becomes a power struggle. You certainly don't want to get into a power struggle with a strong willed child. If you don't have a strong willed child, you must be asking what the big deal is? All I can say is, is that you just need to have one to truly understand it.

So I had Maddie go pee and I went as well. I rewarded her and myself with a mint because we went pee. To my delight, Jack wanted a mint as well so he went as well.

Then later on, when it was time to go Zach, Jack went with daddy. He fell asleep in the van and then he let go. Huge accident! Didn't make a deal about it and then no more accident the rest of the day.

We will see how tomorrow goes...