Life's Responsibilities

Consumed with life's responsibilities. After three pretty good days off, I am back to the daily routine with a little guy that doesn't seem to be sleeping. Is it the chocolate chip cookies I have been eating and now passing thru my breast milk and affecting my little guy?

We will know in the near future. Made a doctor's appointment for him so we can finally know for sure what is bothering this little guys gut stopping him from eating and keeping him at eighteen pounds. Now let me long has he weighed eighteen pounds. Doctor raised his eyebrow the last time we were in the office but still didn't feel like it was time to look into it. I'm going to go back to my daytimer to look into this.

My mommy's intuition is telling me that we have seen the similar telltale signs that there are allergies.

Also, busily preparing for the big birthday party today. The endless list is steadily decreasing but still seeming endless. Bouncy house ordered and set to arrive; hot dogs, buns, veggies, condiments, cake all bought and now Maddie's present won!

Fundraiser at work for these beautiful baskets. One being the most ideal birthday gift for my little miss Maddie....a budding artist...a scrapbooking set with markers, glue, tape, and all the knick knacks needed. And my luck still hasn't run out...I won it yesterday. Oh so excited!

Well must run and start the final preparations for my very excited girl! Hope it's fun for all!