Our Children's Busyness

Zach has had an extremely busy summer. He had a day camp, an overnight camp, our Winnipeg trip and this week he has a park and play interspersed with other activities.

The icing on the cake was when he returned from his extremely busy day yesterday going from one activity to another. And what does he say...."I'm bored". He had been home all of fifteen minutes, and then he was already bored. He was looking for the electronics, the iPod or the computer to keep him going. How sad is that?

Are we doing our children a dis-service by scheduling too much? I think so. I had not intended to make his summer so busy but unfortunately all of the activities just fell in July.

I think our children need to learn how to play on their own rather than having them always being entertained. Not to mention, all of the activities he is a part of can become quite expensive. He is only one of four children. How do people do it? Thankfully, the park and play this week has been free of charge. It was a great find.

Unfortunately, our true need is for Jack to be entertained. But, a lot of activities are not planned for three year olds or three year olds that are not toilet trained very well. (another story!) With some searching on the web, I did find a few activities for Jack. Most of the activities I found for three year olds were half days.