Advocating For Your Child

So we finally got Zach into speech again. Zach has really struggled with the pronunciation with words starting or ending with "th".

When we met with the speech pathologist in May, she told me that we would be able to meet with her for as long as we needed her and then after the third session...she was already to pack it in with us. Then we were put on a waiting list for an assistant.

Now we are meeting with this assistant and again we have arranged three meetings. Seems like the typical number of meetings. I have a feeling that we will meet three times and then they will try and end the speech sessions but this time, I'm not going to give in so easily. So I sense that I may have a fight on my hands.

Tell me why oh why do we have to fight for these services? Tell me why it is always the parent that, excuse the expression...the bitch that gets what their child needs? I don't want to be difficult but I want to get what Zach needs. If I need to push back or be somewhat difficult to get what my child needs, I will do what I have to do to get as much as I can for him.

The social implications of a speech delay are massive. I want Zach to have all of the support we can get to help him feel less frustrated, and more understood. I can't stand it when the experts are asking us what he needs when they are the experts. I can understand if they are just wanting to know what our priorities are but I'm not the speech pathologist and I'm not an expert in this area. Sure I'm a parent and I will know a lot more for Jack but Zach is our oldest child. We are learning here and it is a learning process here.

I think that a child with autism needs a parent that will advocate on their child's behalf. When Zach was in preschool we had some challenges with Zach's social worker. I was exhausted after the year of fighting with her and in the end I had to go above her head if we were going to get anything for Zach. What I didn't realize at the time was that that was just the beginning. Good practice I guess!