The Differences Between Boys and Girls

So the differences between raising boys and girls is truly amazing. Zach is definitely a boy. He loves cars and trains and guns. As much as I don't want him to play with guns, they will make their own.

Now Maddie is the complete opposite. She loves anything that is girlie...she loves princesses and shoes and accessories and getting her nails done.

Now Jack is interesting. Now don't get me wrong, he loves Lego and star wars but at the same time, Maddie has had an interesting effect on him. He will play with Maddie and do the girlie things without hesitation. Now is it just because he is the younger sibling? Zach sticks to the boys toys however he will ask for certain movies for Maddie however we know that he truly enjoys the movie as well. I think that there is a really positive effect on Maddie having brother's and the boys having a sister.

Maddie will sometimes scream with the anticipation of just being touched on the arm by her brothers. However, Maddie surely knows how to relate with the boys in her class. They generally like her too. Can you see me smiling at the thought of my little girl being liked by the boys?

So now what's the problem here? I don't know if there is a problem really. So the other day I was doing Maddie's nails and Jack wanted his nails done too. He initially wanted the silver and then just the blue but then he wanted pink too. Do you think a parent should say what is for girls is only for girls? Or does it really make any difference anyways? Is it better to have a well rounded child? I'm not really threatened by a boy that may be feminine however Jack really isn't feminine at all.