The Drive to be Better

Where does this drive come from? Is it engrained in my personality? Is it just what I have become accustomed to? Is it biblical? Is it wrong?

By no means will I ever be perfect. I will never be close to perfect. So by no means am I perfectionistic.

Perfectly satisfied with mediocrity? Well if I am not striving to be perfect, is mediocrity the next best thing?With it being put that way, that sounds absolutely sad. I don't want to settle for mediocrity. But if I cannot reach perfectionism, is that all I can ever hope for?

Do you put the same amount of expectations on your children as you expect for yourself? I don't want to put the highest expectations on my children but I sometimes wonder if my expectations for them are too high? Is that where perfectionistic expectations go wrong?

I want my children to feel encouraged. But I truly have certain expectations for my children. I think that it is important to provide some boundaries or expectations for your children as long as your children are aware of the boundaries. I'm just nervous that my children are misunderstanding the expectations.