The Numbing Effect

Do you ever feel like a robot? Going through life's obligations out of necessity? Doing what you need to do just because. Doing everything you need to do just because. Man, life surely sucks when you go on living this way!

Something is definitely wrong when you do things because you have to. What's wrong when you are doing things you usually enjoy but the enjoyment isn't there anymore? I think it's the biggest sign that life is out of balance.

I'm doing things I need to do for my kids but if I am so busy that I can't even see my kids... It is no longer worth it.

There are people out there that have a need and they will suck every last bit of life out of you. Even when you are nearly at your last ounce of life, they will try and suck you dry.

Boundaries! Boundaries! Boundaries! Got 'em? Don't got 'em? Get 'em! Good! Need them for your own survival! If you don't look out for yourself.... sadly in this world, no one else will! Protect what is important. Your kids! Your family! They are worth it! Protect that family unit. It's very fragile these days!