Another birth story!

Never a dull delivery story... This time it's Jack's turn. So the doctors were watching me pretty closely after Maddie's preterm delivery so I was pulled off work weeks prior to my due date. My cervix was shortening and so they even gave me the steroids to prematurely ripen Jack's lungs just in case I were to deliver early.

I couldn't go on my summer vacation with my family because of the possibility that I could go into labour. So I made the most of it and invited a girlfriend from Winnipeg to stay with me. No signs of labour all of that time.

So the weekend arrived for Dave to fly off to Abbotsford for his friend's wedding. We had decided to let him go because after all...what are the chances it would happen that same weekend?

Well it all started when the stupid cab driver rang the doorbell at six o'clock in the morning. I specifically requested that the cab driver not ring the doorbell when they came to pick Dave up to take him to the airport. So what did he do? Sure enough...he rang the doorbell. I leapt out of bed and what happened? I lost my mucus plug and I started having contractions. So what do I do now? Dave hadn't boarded the plane yet. Do I call him and tell him not to board the plane? But what if this baby didn't come? I would feel really bad if I called Dave and asked him to stay and then it would just be a false alarm. So the contractions were going on for quite awhile, several hours, but I managed to have a nap when Zach had therapy and Maddie had a nap too.

Thankfully the contractions stopped. We had everything arranged for the weekend just in case I did kick into labour in the middle of the night. My friend's Dale & Doris were going to come and stay with me so Doris could come to the hospital and Dale could stay with our kids. Doris was a little nervous about the whole labour thing so I recruited another friend Connie as well just in case.

Well, so far everything seemed okay. We had supper and went to the park on a beautiful summer evening. Maddie was very tired so I carried her home. That was enough to get me going again. The contractions weren't terribly close together but definitely occurring. I was busy cleaning our room for our friend's.

Our friend's arrived at about 10:30 in the evening. Dale hadn't brought his laptop so he decided to head home to get his computer. I was still in denial at that point that I was really in labour. So poor Dale was just leaving his house when Doris talked to him about us needing to go to the hospital. Doris was a little panicked too because of my history of fast deliveries.

At 11:30 I was pretty sure I wasn't going to go to sleep and that we would be heading to the hospital. I called Dave in Abbotsford to give him the heads up but it was too late to catch a flight that night. I also called Connie to let her know that it was time to go.

I cannot remember why but we just started heading to the hospital at 1:30 in the morning. It was pretty fun going to the hospital with a couple of friend's. It was actually enroute that the contractions kicked in. Oh man, they were wicked hard contractions but only five minutes apart. I would be chatting up a storm but then unable to talk.

When we arrived I was four cm dilated. By five am I was seven cm and I had the choice of getting my first epidural ever or having my water broken and having everything over with. I chose to have my water broken. The doctor just went to the bathroom so she would be nice and comfortable and was not planning on going anywhere after my water broke. They broke my water and sure enough I went to fully dilated within three to five minutes and was ready to push. After one push Jack was born. Wow! Another baby boy born at six pounds twelve ounces. Healthy guy!